The Board of Directors of Tick Tock Early Learning Center has released the following statement regarding a legal matter involving a former employee:

Pervasive misinformation within the community, regarding a recent legal matter involving Tick Tock Early Learning Center, has become apparent. This misinformation has been detrimental to Tick Tock’s fundraising, and therefore the following statement is necessary to clarify an ongoing situation with a former employee, which will hopefully be resolved within the coming weeks.

On February 20, 2015, the Chester County District Attorney’s office, representing the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, reached an agreement with a former employee of Tick Tock Early Learning Center which will resolve a criminal matter involving allegations of theft from Tick Tock by the former employee. The agreement requires the return of certain of the school’s science materials held by the former employee, and the return of a $500 donation made for the benefit of Tick Tock’s Capital Campaign still in the former employee’s possession. It also requires that former employee to sign a “Settlement Agreement and Release” which prohibits the making of disparaging statements and prohibits further costly legal action. Under the terms of the DA’s agreement with the former employee, the former employee has until April 17th to comply, or face felony charges in the Chester County Court of Common Pleas.

Tick Tock supports this process and is hopeful to see the end of this difficult situation. Shortly after the resignation of the management employee occurred, and it became apparent that a problem existed, Tick Tock reached out to attempt an amicable settlement with the former employee, unfortunately to no avail. The staff and Board of Tick Tock then cooperated with law enforcement officials and the Office of the District Attorney to ensure that the interests of those we serve were protected. Tick Tock is grateful for the return of the school’s science materials through the efforts of the New Garden Police. Tick Tock looks forward to the return of the $500 donation as well.

Tick Tock Early Learning Center continues to provide high quality care and education to our children. As a respected community nonprofit, maintaining the integrity of the donation process is essential to sustaining Tick Tock’s mission.

The Board of Directors is appreciative of their valued friends, whose understanding, support and participation has sustained the excellent program and has allowed Tick Tock to continue to serve our community for more than 50 years!

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