The Chester County District Attorney’s Office announced the arrest of three individuals in Southern Chester County for the operation of illegal gambling machines. During the execution of search warrants, Chester County Detectives seized five illegal gambling machines, gambling ledgers, and over $37,000 in illegal cash proceeds from two business locations.

The Chester County Detectives received information that there were illegal gambling machines being operated out of two businesses in Southern Chester County. These businesses were: Taqueria Guadalajara Express, Kennett Square, and El Nayarit Mexican Store in Oxford.

The Detectives assigned to the Chester County Drugs and Organized Crime Unit (the “DOC Unit”) includes a Detective trained and working under a grant from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. The DOC Unit had a cooperating individual enter the stores and play the illegal gaming machines to confirm that the stores were collecting cash or making illegal payouts. The cooperator was able to enter each store and confirm the gambling operations. At one store, the cooperator informed the Detectives that machine would never pay out (i.e., that it was rigged to prevent winning).

On March 18, 2016, the DOC Unit executed search warrants at both stores. In both locations, Detectives found the gambling machines and further evidence of illegal gambling

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