Depression era good intentions have created a flawed prevailing wage legacy. As Washington, the states and local municipalities move to create millions of jobs through the construction of roads, bridges, sewer systems and schools, now is the time to repeal the Davis-Bacon Act of 1931 and all similar labor price controls.President-elect Obama wants to create millions of new jobs. At the same time, value creation should not be forsaken. Right-sizing project costs by 20-30 percent will create more opportunity for small and minority businesses to participate in the recovery plan. An unintended consequence of this antiquated public policy is discrimination. The bureaucratic paperwork necessary to navigate this system precludes small business.

Today's inclusionary free market possesses greater transparency compared to 1931. The more households that find work the greater the economic multiplier effect. Let us all hope a new direction is on the horizon because change tethered to special interests is no change at all.

Glenn L. Best East Marlborough Township

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