The Brandywine Regional Police Department recently passed its 2008 budget with increased funding for services, according to Chief Mark D. Kocsi.

The funding in the police budget is more than what was approved last month in the 2008 budget by the Wallace Board of Supervisors.

Under Wallace's 2008 budget, $699,793 was put toward police protection funding, which equates to $58,316 monthly allocation payments.

But the police budget for the upcoming year calls for $765,362 for yearly protection services which equates to monthly allocation payments of $63,780 from Wallace, according to Kocsi.

East Brandywine has already accepted the police funding for 2008, Kocsi said. The yearly allocation for East Brandywine is $1,568,058 with monthly allocation payments of $130,672, according to Kocsi.

Last month, the police department did not receive its monthly allocation payment from Wallace until Dec. 21 because there was no township treasurer to write checks.

Supervisor Bryan McDonaugh said he made a motion to vote in a new treasurer at the Dec. 5 meeting but it was not passed.

The board eventually appointed Tom Josiah as interim treasurer at the Dec. 19 meeting.

Supervisor Robert Bock said at the Dec. 19 meeting that the 2008 budget could be reopened again in January. The budget was approved with a total income of $ 1,605,261.91 with a 2.4 millage rate which is up from a 1.2 millage rate in 2007.

Kocsi said the police department needs more funding in 2008 from Wallace because of the increased growth in the area from projects including Albert Greenfield's proposed Valhalla Brandywine development, which is currently in the conditional-use hearing process, the Devereux land development and Springton Manor Elementary School.

After the police commission approved its 2008 budget, Kocsi said he hand-delivered a notification letter to the township building on Dec. 27.

Bock said Wednesday he is aware of the increase needed in police funding and he plans to suggest that the board supports the police commission's budget.

But McDonaugh said Wednesday that it is hard to consider the costs because he has not yet received a copy of the new police budget.

McDonaugh also said he could not comment yet as to whether the 2008 budget would be reopened, adding that the decision would be made at the reorganization meeting.

Newly elected Supervisor Robert Jones also said he has not yet received notification of the increase in police funding.

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