Editor: As I was reading the Jan. 15 edition of the DLN, I was not sure which was the more absurd article of the day: the woman who took her 7-pound dog for a "meet and greet" with pit bulls, or the "Silent Majority" expressing comments with the Downing-town Area Education Association. I will leave the poor woman alone with her grief of losing her dog and making a bad decision.Community members who freely criticize others but do not put names to their criticisms lack credibility. Do they realize that the educators they have issues with are the same ones that they release their children to every day of the week? I take personal offense to their ideas that a professional educator would in any way involve a student in repercussions.

Are these "Silent Majority" blind, deaf and dumb? Do they read the papers? Do they see their children going off to school each day? Do they hear the outpouring of the public who credit past and present educators for their successes?

I hesitate to think of the direction history may have taken if the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence chose not to put their names to it.

JoEllen Cain Chester County educator

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