The page one story in the Dec. 20 - 26 issue of the Chadds Ford Post reported that none other than the Unionville-Chadds Ford School Superintendent Sharon Parker was "teaching" children how to spot "energy hogs." There is no ethical value that can be put to energy use. In a free, capitalist society people use energy to accomplish certain purposes. Some purposes require more energy than others. That is all that can be said about the matter.It may be appropriate to instruct children to turn off lights at school when not in use, but it is not appropriate to tell students how to behave in their parents' homes. This is not teaching anything; it is indoctrination and meddling in the private lives of others. It is a sad commentary on contemporary public school educational practices that our school district's highest-ranking educator wastes our children's time instilling such a vague and ultimately meaningless concept as "energy awareness."

Patrick Barron

Pennsbury Township

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