I would like to encourage everyone to visit our downtown stores and eating establishments.Having been just elected to the Oxford Borough Council I feel one of my duties is to advertise some of our great places to shop that you might not be aware of. For example we have Serendipity Tea where you or your daughter can have their very own tea party.

Right down the street there is Morning Glories Coffee shop where you can grab something warm and read a magazine or have a conversation. Have a more upscale dinner at a nice BYO in Peppercorns. My mother always wants me to wear a hat in the summertime to make sure I don't get any sunburn so I head to the Outback to pick one out as well as check out their jackets. My mother is also eager to see me get married and whenever I feel that is close to occurring I'll be sure to check out Ediene's Jewelry Store. I even go there when the watch on my wrist stops ticking and they fix it.

These are just a handful of stores but I have a word limit in these letters to the editor so I can't mention them all. Positive events are happening in Oxford.

Mayor Geoff Henry and Council President Randy Teel have a positive vision for the town. This is an invitation to visit us and tell your friends and family.

Andrew T. Atkinson Oxford Borough Council

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