Every Halloween, I would find myself in a quandary. My trick-or-treating route would inevitably include a family who, absent from their home, simply left a bowl of candy of on their porch with a sign reading "Please Just Take One." This is, without a doubt, the worst situation a person can place a child in.I had a hard enough time only taking one piece of candy when families actually held out the bowl to me. Faced with an unsupervised bowl of sweets, I would find myself in a moral dilemma. No one would know if I took two or three handfuls, but could I live with myself if I did? Of course, I always went with the righteous choice and would "Just Take One," but the temptation was almost unbearable.

However, not everyone was as noble as I. Not only do some hooligans take handfuls from these unwatched baskets, many will dump the entire bowl into their sacks. Occasionally, someone will even literally take the bowl, with candy still inside. By leaving an unsupervised bowl, the family's efforts to provide the neighborhood with candy despite their absence not only failed, but rewarded thieves.

So spare the well-meaning kids the temptation to take several handfuls of candy. Don't provide thieves with the perfect crime. Don't leave that bowl of candy on your porch.

Andrew Doerfler

West Grove

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