According to a recent survey, two out of three Bart Township residents don't want a rail trail running through their backyard.

"They [the Lancaster County commissioners] can call us Rednecks, but we know how we want to live," said Calvin D. Keene, chairman of the Bart Township supervisors.

"We like country and villages. We're not city people. We're not suburbanized people and we don't think the same as the people above Willow Street," said Keene.

He said the people are against the proposal by commissioners Molly Henderson, Dick Shellenberger and Howard Shaub to convert the 23-mile Enola Low-Grade Line into a rail trail.

The trail would run through Bart, Conestoga, Eden, Providence, Martic and Sadsbury townships and Quarryville borough.

Keene said, "The county thinks they're the big boys and they can tell us what to do."

Keene said this proposal is much like the Boston Tea Party.

"The Lancaster County commissioners have pre-determined agendas, much like King George did. But we don't want taxation without representation," said Keene. "Since two out of three people don't want the rail trail, they shouldn't spend our tax dollars on it."

Keene said Bart residents wrote down various pros and cons of having a rail-trail running through their township.

The cons included not wanting people to invade their neighborhood and lack of patrolling on the trail that could lead to parties.

Keene said, "The trail people said this would be good for the community because it'll be a good place to take a walk and go bird watching. But people argue, if you want to look at nature, then don't do anything to it."

Keene said he believes the trail itself is not a bad thing, and that nine out of 10 people who walk on it are good people, but personally he doesn't see the need. "I'm an old farmer," Keene said. "My wife and I farm the farm and I've lived here all my life. I've got plenty of land to walk on. I see no problems with the trail itself. I might even walk on it once just to see what it's like. But I don't need it."

Keene believes the trail is not needed because he doesn't want people encroaching on his way of life. "If people come to the area to use this then we're going to get pressure from the people to move here. It'll make our area like the area where they moved from. I know changes don't come overnight, but changes will happen."

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