The children participating in the Minch Park Summer Program received a special treat last Thursday. Bell's Delites in Parkesburg allowed the children to take guided tours through the ice cream shop and gave each a free cone at the conclusion.Most of the kids, being Parkesburg residents, had been to Bell's before, but none of them had been on the inside. The soft-serve ice cream machine was the star of the show, as many of the children said they had never seen one of those before.

"There was this little thing that you pull down and ice cream comes out and twists and makes the ice cream go into the cone," said Amber, 7, describing the machine. Even though she thought that part was neat, her favorite was at the start of the tour when they were taken in the walk-in refrigerator. Megan, the tour guide, closed the door for a couple of seconds and the children were really excited about being "locked in a freezer".

Jacob, 6, also enjoyed being inside the large refrigerator more than anything else. He said it was not too cold, however, and that he could have stayed in there for eight hours. Jacob guessed that he has been to Bell's 80 times and said he always gets a chocolate and vanilla mixed cone.

Aside from the ice cream machine and the refrigerator, Megan, a one-year employee of Bell's, showed the kids the flurry and slushy machines, the water ice case and flavors, the food station, and the toppings rail. Inside, the children were easily distracted by customers waiting at the window; they liked to pretend they worked there and were taking orders.

Camp Director Bernie Cazillo has a lot of exciting events planned for next week, the final week of summer camp. To get a full schedule or to register your child for the week or just a day, see Cazillo at Minch Park on Monday morning.

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