Solanco High School students and teachers proved they'll try anything, especially when it's for a good cause.

Teachers Leslie Arnold and Nathaniel Campbell and students Brandon Elvey, a senior; Abby Weaver, a junior; Ryan Schoening, a sophomore; and Zach Battiste, a freshman, competed in the high school's third "Fear Factor" contest held March 31, borrowing the concept from the NBC reality series. Weaver won the contest, which was organized by the Interact Club whose advisor is teacher Stacy Kline.

Weaver, representing the junior class, raised $1,250, which she chose to give to the Shane Tavella Memorial Fund.

The six contestants had to raise $75 each before they could participate in the event. All the money raised went to the charity of the winner's choice as well as the $1 students paid to get into the event, which was held in the gymnasium.

"'Fear Factor' is a great opportunity for students to make a small donation to a charity while getting to enjoy an assembly with crazy challenges," said Kline.

In order to win the competition, a contestant had to place high in at least three of the events.

The first "Fear Factor" event was Shuffleboard. After each contestant had their turn at hitting the puck, they then went to a table where they had to eat pig entrails, which emitted a foul smell.

Arnold, an English teacher, had a hard time eating the pig parts. Needless to say, she didn't finish them and bowed out of the competition after that.

Campbell, a Spanish teacher, came into the competition squirting a bottle of ketchup into his mouth perhaps to dull the taste of the pig parts.

The second event, which could be described as more disgusting than the first, was Bug Bobbing. Contestants had to transfer small cream-colored, live squirming meal worms with their mouths from a bowl to a bucket in a certain amount of time.

Bug Bobbing seemed like a difficult event because the students couldn't use their hands and sometimes sticking their head into the bowl of squirming grubs moved it further away. Even when transferring the worms from the bowl to the bucket at a fast pace, some of the worms went flying out of their mouths. Others ended up strewn over the gym floor, broken in half.

Another event was the "Fear Factor" Blender of Fear. The contestants had to drink a mixture of sardines, coconut milk, tomato sauce and prune juice.

The last event, the Shot Put, involved the contestants using their mouth to spit Jalepeno peppers that had been sliced open into a bucket 6 feet away from them. This event was done by Schoening and Weaver, the final two contestants. She was able to get two peppers in and Schoening one.

The contestants and the charities they chose to donate to if they won were; Battiste, who was volleying for the Solanco Food Bank; Schoening, who was supporting "Love Heals - the Allison Gertz Foundation;" Elvey, who wanted to help the Shane Tavella Memorial Fund; Arnold, who was supporting Domestic Violence Services of Lancaster County; and Campbell, who wanted to help the American Diabetes Association.

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