A group of Chadds Ford Township students took their Power Puzzle Challenge seriously and have now presented their findings to the Christian C. Sanderson Museum. The applicable word is "inefficient."Colby and Mitchell Camp, along with Jermemy and Haley Manin, Jonathan Jackson, John Cronin and Justin Lindner, all of Chadds Ford attended a First Lego League robotics tryout in January that included teaching students about energy choices, efficiency and solutions. The Power Puzzle Challenge was to select a building and study its energy use. The students chose the museum.

According to the formal presentation, the students found "many inefficiencies."

They hypothesized that adding a vestibule would work to maintain better temperature control and that replacing the incandescent light bulbs with compact florescent light bulbs would help save energy.

They also recommended insulating the old house that serves as the museum, use motion detectors inside to turn lights on and off, replacing single-pane windows with double-pane, among other ideas.

According to Gordon Manin, one of the parent coaches along with Larry Cronin, the kids met once per week for two hours at a time during a four-month period to conduct the energy audit.

He said Lego League projects get kids interested in science and technology while this particular project taught them about types of energy, ways to use energy and how efficient of inefficient different types of energy are.

His son Jeremy Manin said he learned "how inefficient stuff is and what we can do."

He said he never knew baseboard heating was inefficient.

His sister Haley she's now thing bout getting her family to change to florescent bulbs at home.

"I learned a lot," she said of the project. "It changes your perspective."

Dean Camp, father of Colby and Mitchell is the museum board's vice president. He aid the museum would use the information to raise money to improve the facility.

Sanderson Museum President Sally Jane Denk said earlier in the week that she scheduled a board meeting for the presentation so members could, "learn that we have the worst HVAC system and insulation and are the least energy efficient place in the Chadds Ford-Unionville Area. But we knew that and now we can do something about it and begin to seek funds."

Saturday she said, "I think it's wonderful these young people chose the museum. As a former teachers I'm impressed with the depth of the study."

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