KENNETT SQUARE - Some customers of a popular Kennett Square bakery that closed abruptly last month say they still have not been refunded money for cakes they had purchased.

Liz Marden Bakery closed July 15, and by the following day, all the equipment in the store located at 110 S. Union Street was gone. Even her employees were not notified of the quick exit.

Nancy Starr of West Chester said Marden had called her two days after the store closed and promised to immediately refund her the $175 she paid for a two-tier cake. That money still hasn't arrived, she said.

'She called me the day before the article ran in the Kennett Paper and said she would be refunding the check,' Starr said. 'I tried to call the number she called me from, but it isn't a working number. There's no way I can get in touch with her.'

Attempts to reach Marden were unsuccessful.

Another woman who called this newspaper and wishes to remain anonymous said she too still hasn't received a refund.

Starr said the cake was for a 60th wedding anniversary at Hartfeld National in Avondale. She said bought a one-tier cake from Master's Baker in West Chester for the event.

'I wanted a two-tier cake, but I figured I'm out $175, so I only got a one-tier for $120,' she said.

Starr said she will be contacting the Better Business Bureau.

'I guess I'm just out of luck,' Starr said. 'They cleaned out so quickly it leads me to believe there is some problem. Even her employees didn't find out she was closing until the day before.'

In a letter to this newspaper published two weeks ago, Marden said she would 'satisfy her financial obligations.'

'I closed my business due to an unresolvable situation related to my location, the nature of which forced me to leave when I did and in a manner that I did, 'Marden said in the letter. 'Now that the move is complete, I am working to finish closing my business by satisfying my financial obligations and personally contacting brides and specialty cake order customers to refund their deposits.'

It was the Marden Bakery that baked the cake in June for the wedding of Vice President Joe Biden's daughter.

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