Editor: As a manager of a local title insurance agency, I'd like to commend Mr. Myers for his endorsement of title insurance. However, there were some inaccuracies in the article when referring to title insurance in Pennsylvania.Not only were the premiums grossly understated for a title insurance policy in Pa., but in Pa., there are not separate premiums for owner's and lender's policies when issued simultaneously.

As long as the owner's policy exceeds the amount of the lender's policy, there is no charge for the additional policy for the lender. The only additional charge for the lender's policy are endorsements. The usual ones being Endorsement 300, 100 and 8.1, and the fee for each of them is $50. And, if you wish to only purchase a lender's policy, you actually have to waive your right in writing in order to not receive an Owner's Title Policy. Then the premium is based solely on the loan amount.

The premium of $600 for lender's coverage as quoted in the article would only purchase $68,000 worth of title insurance. The premium of $500 for a "separate owner's policy" would only purchase $50,000 worth of insurance. The total premiums of $1100 would only insure about $129,000. I think it's safe to assume that the median home price in PA exceeds that amount.

The above is just a basic explanation of title insurance premiums in Pa. I'm not sure if Mr. Myers' column is syndicated or not, but I just thought you may want to be aware of the inaccuracies.

Dawn S. Styer,



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