Solanco High School business teacher Don Fisher is looking for local business owners and operators who would be willing to speak with students in his Entrepreneurship and Student Company Class.Fisher would like business owners to share their experiences, including why they wanted to be in business for themselves, the challenges involved in initial business start-up, strategic planning, and any other interesting stories or advice they would like to share with students.

The class meets Monday through Friday from 7:42 to 8:31 a.m., and from 9:26 to 10:13 a.m. Business owners may choose the date and either the 7:42 or 9:26 a.m. class they would like to visit. Anyone interested is urged to email, or call Solanco Community Relations Director Keith Kaufman at 786-8401.

Working in teams, students (seniors and juniors) in the class create their own businesses. They sell shares of stock to raise funds. They create, develop, market and sell products. They create pricing strategies. The student businesses also have a human resources department, and an accounting and finance department that creates budgets, records business transactions, and prepares financial statements.

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