The Solanco Fair is getting $16,250 for improvements to its facilities, Gov. Edward G. Ren-dell has announced.The fair board will use the money to remove two existing livestock buildings and replace them with one 56' by 144' pole building.

"Fairs are an integral part of Pennsylvania's rich agricultural heritage, and this investment shows our commitment to the significant role they play in our state's economy and in rural communities," Governor Rendell said. "Each year, an estimated 6 million people visit fairs and learn about our state's top industry while gaining a greater appreciation for how food and fiber is produced here in the commonwealth."

Under the capital improvement matching grant program, fairs receive funding for maintenance and improvement projects. Agriculture Secretary Dennis Wolff chairs the Fair Advisory Board, which approves the grants - part of the larger, $3.9 million Pennsylvania Fair Fund.

The fund helps the state's 117 county and community fairs with annual operating costs and offers financial support to youth organizations with agricultural missions.

The board has approved 62 project applications for funding in the 2008-09 fiscal year. Projects include the construction of new barns, road paving, electrical and lighting upgrades, improvements to water and sewer systems and parking lot expansion.

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