Pictured top: Boys: (from left): Steve Linde, Tom Smith, Tom Whitehill, Adam Duke and Isa Yuzon; Pictured below: Girls (from left): Tonya Fromm, Laura Bowman, Heather Tran, Taylor Ludman and Katie Kalupson. Other members of the boys' team: Luke Harper, Rob Mendenhall, Isaac Ross, James Walton, Justin Woerth, Kevin Balawejder, Ian Paxson, Zach Paxson, Steve Skotarczak, TJ Kitner, Mitch McDonald, Alex Miller, Neil Munro, John Ausel, Nate Carter and Kevin Tran. Other members of the girls' team: Johanna Jurisson, Brittany Musselman, Zarah Post, Lauren Cavanaugh, Olivia Heagy and Katie Eckman.

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