Solanco Superintendent Dr. Martin J. Hudacs and Business Manager Tim Shrom will present and explain the district's proposed 2008-09 operating budget during the Solanco School Board meeting at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, May 5 at the Solanco Administrative Office at 121 South Hess Street in Quarryville. The community is invited to the meeting that will feature a Powerpoint presentation about the budget, and opportunities to ask questions and to discuss the district programs and activities the budget will fund.The proposed $44.5 million budget for 2008-09 represents a 5.09 percent increase over the current budget and contains an increase in the district's real estate property tax; the average tax bill in the district would increase by about $66 (bringing the average Solanco tax bill to about $1,409). Major factors responsible for the proposed increase include the rising costs of employee benefits, contracted services for special education, substitute teachers, increasing charter school payments, computer services and testing. Solanco's property taxes would remain the lowest, by far, among all 16 school districts in Lancaster County.

During the May 5 Powerpoint presentation, Dr. Hudacs and Tim Shrom will explain why the tax increase is needed, and how it will enable the district to continue providing quality educational programs for Solanco students in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The adoption of the final budget is tentatively scheduled for the June 9 Solanco School Board meeting.

For more information about Solanco's proposed 2008-09 budget, visit the Solanco School District website at, then at the third yellow bullet point, click on either "Revenue Summary" or "Expenditure Summary". Or call the district at 786-8401 to schedule an appointment to review the budget.

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