Although they didn't raise nearly as much money as last year, Smith Middle School students were still able to collect $389.88 for "Change for Children."Everyday during the lunch periods last week, students brought in change or dollar bills to benefit the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Students in sixth through eighth grades dropped their money into cans that were designated for each grade level.

The fundraising project, which was coordinated by the Student Senate, was also a competition among the grade levels. The students could add money to their own grade's can to raise the amount or subtract from another grade's amount by adding pennies to that can.

"The 7th grade class ended up winning and will all receive ice cream at lunch one day this week," said Carrie Falduts, a physical education teacher and Student Senate advisor.

The money will be donated in the name of 3-year-old Sarah Mowery, who is being treated at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Her brother Jared is a sixth-grader at Smith.

"It went better last year," said Cole Martin, an eighth-grader who is vice president of Student Senate. "We thought one of the reasons for that is because we had a lot more fundraisers this year."

He also said he thinks the new lunch system was a factor because at $1.75, most students had a quarter leftover after lunch last year that they could drop into the can.

Last year the students raised $1,500.

"I think it's a good idea," said D Probst of the fundraiser. She is an eighth-grader and member of Student Senate.

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