What an exciting prospect-an ecovillage in our very own neighborhood that produces all of its own energy and looks beautiful thanks to eco-friendly landscaping.Instead of another poorly engineered-and huge-housing development with a storm water management system that's anything but aesthetically pleasing and isn't even effective (Isn't it a little ridiculous to clear hundreds of trees for a housing development and still expect rainwater to drain effectively?), this area is bringing in developers who can put "beautiful," "functional" and "environmentally friendly" all in the same sentence.

The homes in the proposed Concord Ecovillage in West Grove will be much smaller than those huge conventional homes, but for good reason. There will be less space to heat in the winter and keep cool in the summer, meaning less energy used and more money saved. (In fact, if the thought of never having to pay an electric bill again gets you excited, you should definitely learn more about cohousing and ecovillage projects like this one.)

It seems the time when the size of one's car (big) and the size of one's home (even bigger) being respected and envied has clashed with economical difficulty and a shift towards respecting our environment, so many homebuyers are at a crossroads and have to ask themselves what's more important: size or environmental responsibility.

And with the ecovillage, you won't be sacrificing looks-just a perfectly manicured lawn replaced by natural planet life and gardens, which are arguably more aesthetically pleasing anyway.

We in the Avon Grove area like being environmentally friendly, considering the projects area businesses and township boards have been working on over the past few years.

Dansko's "green" building, for instance, conforms to LEED-Gold status with its "living wall," recycled building materials, vegetated roof and water collection system. And Penn Township helped push for a recycling center by the Dansko building that is easily accessible for residents.

And a lot of residents seem to have the desire to live a more eco-friendly, sustainable life in their own homes, but lack the technology and the resources to make it happen.

Concord Ecovillage will change all that and set an example for other communities to follow suit. Not only that, but it will help to promote the idea that bigger isn't always better, and size does matter environmentally speaking, of course.

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