For Kennett Area Community Service Director Bill Buffington, the service projects just never stop. On Saturday, as is his annual practice for the past 52 years, he oversaw the distribution of Thanksgiving turkeys, chickens and cranberry sauce to about 300 community residents who were deemed in need by local service organizations.

Buffington, 77, also has a Dec. 16 distribution of Christmas food baskets scheduled at the Friends Meetinghouse as well as a Dec. 10 Christmas party at the Kennett Township building.

Saturday's event was held on South Broad Street at the Kennett Square Food Cupboard. There, turkeys and chickens that had been donated by an anonymous source were given out quickly from the freezers that were onsite. In previous years, the distribution was from the YMCA pool parking lot.

Buffington said this arrangement was more efficient in that the turkeys didn't have to be transported elsewhere when they were removed from the freezers.

Scores of volunteers - Buffington said too many to count - were on hand to give out the food.

Recipients came in their cars or on foot north on Broad Street and fed into a traffic lane defined by police cones and got service immediately at their car windows. The volunteers collected the tickets the recipients had to identify themselves and issued the food.

Along with the turkeys-chickens, the group gave out cans of cranberry sauce that had also been donated. "We got a shipment of cranberries, so I thought we might as well give them out," Buffington said.

Kennett Area Community Service also helps people throughout the year with heating bills, home rental and food needs.

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