Well it looks like we are headed into fall. Pretty soon we will be looking for the change in the color of the leaves and then the inevitable snow. We have been fortunate in the amount of snow we have had in the last couple of winters, so as a child we will be wishing for a couple of good days of snow. Pretty soon we will be scraping the rust off the runners of our Flexible Flyers and preparing to bundle up in our "long johns" in anticipation of some good sledding. The hair in our nose will freeze; our cheeks will be rosy red; and the snow will dampen our snow suites and like the mailmen, nothing will keep us from our daily rounds. We'll build snowmen and gigantic forts. Snowball fights will be everywhere and at the end of the day we'll head for home and the warmth of the kitchen. As a child, I remember that means getting out of our frozen clothes, draping them over the oven door of our coal stoves. We'd be exhausted and glad to dig into some homemade beef noodle soup. We will have little trouble getting to sleep knowing that we can do the same the next day.In the rural areas horses will pull large sleighs as we go on sleigh rides over the country roads over hills and dale to grand-mother's house. There was something magical as we reached up to tree branches, given them a shake and dodging the loose snow that cascaded over us. We would have heavy woolen blankets covering our laps to keep us warm as we glided over the new fallen snow. The horses enjoyed running and you could see their breath as they gladly pulled the sleigh.

There was pure joy everywhere, even more when snow fell giving the countryside a beautiful blanket of white. In the early evening, we looked forward to hay rides with wagons filled with kids, singing songs of winter and everyone had a royally great time. This was our way of getting in touch with nature.

Here are some more letters that youngsters wrote to their pastors.

Dear Pastor: I'm sorry I can't leave more money in the plate, but my father didn't raise my allowance. Could you have a sermon about a raise in my allowance?

Love, Patty (age 10)

Dear Pastor: Please say a prayer for our Little League team, We need God's help or a new pitcher.

Thank you, Alexander (age 10)

Dear Pastor: My father said I should learn the 10 commandments. But I don't think I want to because we have enough rules already in my house.

Joshua (age 11)

Dear Pastor: I liked your sermon on Sunday, especially when it was finished.

Ralph (age 10)

Here are some things that might help: Beer conditions the hair Pam cooking spray will dry fingernail polish Mayonnaise will kill lice and will condition your hair also.. Minor burn use toothpaste Burn your tongue, put sugar on it For bee stings, use meat tenderizer Chigger bite, put some Preparation H on it, also good for puffy eyes Athletes feet, use cornstarch Use Kool Aid to clean dishwasher pipes, just put it in the detergent section and run through a cycle Peanut butter will remove ink stains from the face of dolls A slinky will hold toast or CDs To keep goggles from fogging, coat with toothpaste, also good for crayon marks on wall To keep flowers fresh longer, use 7UP instead of water To remove fleas from carpet, use 20 Mule Team Borax, sprinkle and let stand 24 hours For corrosion on your car battery, brush with soda pop Listerine will clean grout in your shower.

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