Kennett Area Senior Center board member Karen Halsted made a request Monday for East Marlborough Township to include $1,000 in next year's budget to help support the center. Halsted said that in recent years many of the funds and finances they had counted on in the past have begun shifting their money to "younger" projects.She said that 1,800 seniors from East Marlborough Township visit the senior center each year and take advantage of many of the programs offered. These include field trips, luncheons and recreational activities. The activities are designed to keep people over 50 physically, mentally, socially and emotionally active.

Halsted said she and the center director Anita O'Connor where going to each of the local townships to ask for some funds to keep the center running at full capacity. She noted without these funds the senior center would not have to shut down, but they would have to start pinching pennies and discontinuing some of the programs they currently run and seniors enjoy.

The board of supervisors thanked Halsted for bringing the issue to their attention and they would add it to their considerations as they prepare to set next year's budget in their fall meetings. They also asked for more information on what the senior center's current budget and how much money they would be losing.

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