Thanks to the Southern End Community Association, the Solanco Fair Association was able to "go green" this year.SECA provided the fair association with eight receptacles for recyclables that were placed throughout the fairgrounds during the Solanco Fair last week.

The receptacles were provided to SECA by Lancaster County Solid Waste Management.

Julie Collins, recreation director for SECA, said she called the agency about getting the receptacles for SECA to use and knew the fair association wanted to use them to but they wouldn't have them in time for the fair. Two days before the fair she got a call and was able to get the receptacles.

"We can keep them for events throughout the year," said Collins.

Econ Refuse in Kirkwood also provided recycle bins along the Solanco Fair parade route Sept. 17.

The receptacles proved successful at both events.

"We collected about 30 to 45-gallon bags full," said Collins, who knew they would prove useful because of all the plastic bottles and cans being used at the fair.

"Hopefully it saved a little bit on trash disposal for the fair," she said.

Solanco Fair president Rick Rankin said the fair association supports SECA's recycling efforts and plans to continue having receptacles for recyclables at the fair.

A volunteer for SECA was planning to separate the recyclables from the other trash placed in the receptacles this week, she said.

SECA officials discussed placing the receptacles in Memorial Park and at the skate park, said Collins. They are also considering implementing a recycling program in the park for those residents whose townships don't have a program because Quarryville is centrally located to other municipalities, she said.

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