Kerri Cupstid and Erin Talley, both fourth grade teachers at Rainbow Elementary School, Coatesville Area School District, saw a newscast about K-9 Officer Rudy on the morning local news. Rudy is a police canine for the West Brandywine Police Department.He has cancer, which was removed from his spleen, but now requires costly chemotherapy. Rudy, along with his owner and trainer Corporal Gary Williams, participated in many educational programs at Rainbow Elementary School in prior years, and now with the help of Kerri Cupstid, Erin Talley, Principal of Rainbow Elementary School Cliff Maloney, and Assistant Principal Brad Bentman, the Rainbow family felt the need to do something to help this amazing animal, who has helped so many of them in the past.

Beginning on Monday, Nov. 17, and ending on Wednesday, Nov. 26, Rainbow Elementary School had a fund-raiser they proudly called "Pennies for Rudy."

Leter, Kerri Cupstid, Erin Talley, Principal Cliff Maloney, and Asstant Principal Brad Bentman presented Corporal Gary Williams and Rudy a check for $2,530. Needless to say, Corporal Gary Williams was overjoyed, overwhelmed, and so very happy with the generous gift the Rainbow family gave his family today. With tears in his eyes, Corporal Williams so kindly said, "I cannot thank you enough. Rudy is my best friend!"

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