Borough police are warning residents to be aware of two possible scam artists who authorities believe have targeted at least one elderly resident.On Friday, the duo - a male and female - are believed to have targeted a woman living in the west end of the town. The witness, who is in her 90s, told police the woman knocked on her front door and identified herself as a fence installation contractor.

She then informed the witness that her company was installing a fence around her neighbor's property and she asked the woman if she could help her locate the property line in the rear of her home, according to the witness's daughter, who reported the incident to police.

The names of the witness and her daughter have been withheld.

The elderly woman, who lives alone and needs either a walker or a wheelchair to get around, told the female contractor she was unable to leave her home.

Instead she met the woman at her back door.

While there, the witness saw the male allegedly involved in the scheme say something to his partner and then the two left suddenly.

The woman also noticed the couple arrived in an unmarked white truck.

Lt. Steven Plaugher, of the Downingtown police, said it was a pickup.

Based on the description of the events, Plaugher said his department is investigating it as an attempted scam. It's likely, he said, the female accomplice was attempting to lure the woman out of the residence so the male had a chance to enter and search for valuables to steal.

"This was the real thing," Plaugher said. "Fortunately the victim had her senses and was able to decline going out to the yard." He warns residents to never let anyone into their homes that they do not know, and they should ask anyone identifying themselves as a contractor or borough employee to show identification.

"If someone like that knocks on the door, if they don't have any type of official ID," Plaugher said, "I would ask (the resident) not to talk to the person at the door. Just to close the door and dial 911." The more quickly the witness contacts police, the better chance police have of catching the person, he said.

"It's better to be safe than sorry." Anyone with more information about this or other incidents should contact Downingtown police at 610-269-0263.

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