Sanville receives good review from board on first-year as superintendent

John Sanville

By Wm. Shawn Weigel

John Sanville is about to get his first report card in years.

One year ago this month, Sanville took over as superintendent for the Unionville-Chadds Ford School District, replacing Sharon Parker after her nearly five-year run.

At last Monday night's school board meeting, board member Jeff Leiser said that the board is just a few weeks away from releasing its one-year review of Sanville's first year.

Leiser responded on Monday night to an email he received concerning the process by which the board performed the review, particularly with respect to public input.

Leiser said the review was conducted using a format endorsed by the Pennsylvania School Board Association that uses criteria based on broad goals for all superintendents versus goals for individual superintendents based on their districts.

All of the discussions so far, Leiser said, have taken place in executive session.

'All nine school board members had equal opportunity for input, all nine board members contributed, and all inputs were weighted equally,' Leiser said.

Public input, however, did not play an explicit part in that process, Leiser added.

'Our residents have year-round opportunity to provide input to board members. As elected representatives, our board members represent our residents in all activities,' he said.

He added that, as chairman of the personnel committee, he also formally reviewed the results of the review with Sanville and board president Eileen Bushelow.

'The results of the performance evaluation are personal and confidential and shall be treated as such,' Leiser said.

Leiser did, however, say that he was able to report that Sanville was in good standing with the board – an announcement he made with Sanville's permission.

'His performance was rated as, 'meeting or exceeding expectations' in every rated category,' Leiser said. 'I consider all other results as personal and confidential information about Dr. Sanville.'

Leiser also said that, should the superintendent review process change on the state level, the district cold comply with any and all alterations.

Other news: Board member Holly Manzone gave a preliminary report stating that all schools in the district made Adequate Yearly Progress, as part of the federal government's No Child Left Behind program, started by the Bush Administration.

Detailed information on those figures, she added, would be presented in a future meeting by assistant superintendent Ken Batchelor.

Manzone said that the district spent much of the summer working on bringing its curriculum in line with the Common Core standards adopted by the district earlier this year.

That includes the implementation of the three core sections at Charles F. Patton Middle School – core, extended and honors level classes.

Manzone also said that starting this year, 11th graders would begin taking the state-mandated Keystone exams, which are a major component of the state's proposed system of high school graduation requirements.

'Students, as we know, will be taking them upon completion of Algebra 1, Literature and Biology, but they will not be taking the PSSAs,' she said.

Keystone data will likely be used to collect accurate information on AYP for that grade level, she said.

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