Every senator running for president, from either party, has voted in opposition to the Constitution in each of these categories, in one form or another.The former governors are making it very clear in their campaigns that, as president, both will support these things.

In general Americans are not better off than they were 8 years ago. Taxes are skyrocketing, the dollar is plummeting, and the United States is now the #1 debtor nation, borrowing money from China!

Every candidate agrees that America needs change, but the "change" most of them offer is more of the same. No rational person would expect a change of result without a change of action. I, for one, don't expect a positive change in anything from the same people who messed things up from the start.

Only Ron Paul offers real change.

He has never voted to raise taxes and voted against the so-called "free trade" agreements, each of which is designed to dismantle our freedoms and our national sovereignty.

Ron Paul has introduced legislation to end the IRS and eliminate the income tax and is the only candidate from either party who opposes Internet regulation and taxation.

Ron Paul will end "anchor babies," the automatic granting of citizenship to a baby born within American borders, regardless of the legal status of his parents. This practice gives illegals an "anchor" to remain in our country and to qualify for Social Security, welfare, premiere tuition rates, etc.

My choice for president of the United States will be easy this year, because there is only one candidate who passes my test. That candidate is 10-term U.S. Rep Ron Paul, "Champion of the Constitution" and the "Taxpayers' Best Friend."

T. C. Roderer


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