Instead of twisting and turning through defenders, Eagles running back Ryan Moats twisted and turned pretzel dough.

Moats appeared at Auntie Anne's in the Exton Mall Saturday to learn to roll the famous Auntie Anne's pretzel shape and signed autographs for a selected number of fans afterwards. As part of Auntie Anne's Eagles Kickoff Kid promotion, 10-year old Sabrina Sorensen, of Glenmore, had the privilege of rolling pretzels alongside Moats.

The twisting tandem combined to roll pretzels to spell out the word "Eagles," fittingly enough. Moats and Sorensen made pretzels for 20 minutes while many fans gathered around the small second-floor location to snap photos and to catch a glimpse of Moats.

Why did Moats take time out of his schedule to see the fans and to roll pretzels with one lucky fan?

"People man," Moats said. "I love people. I'm a people person; I was the same way in college. If I was on the other side of the table, I'd want someone to do this for me too."

The Eagles are known for getting out in the community and making public appearances to meet fans and sign autographs. As for which players appear where and do which events depends on the player himself.

"We try to find players that suit the environment," Marlese Fant of the Eagles said. "Ryan has proven to be friendly and polite. He's relatable and kids can talk to him. With Sabrina, she was shy at first and he got right down at eye level with her to make her feel comfortable."

Since Moats is around football players all week long, getting out and seeing fans is a nice change of scenery.

"Most of my time is focused on football," said Moats. "I get to be around people. I'm around football players all week. I get to be around regular people."

For fans, it's the opposite, instead of being around regular people; they have the opportunity to be around a professional athlete for a change.

Auntie Anne's teamed with the Eagles as a corporate partner in June 2003, and Auntie Anne's was identified as the preferred pretzel of the Philadelphia Eagles.

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