U.S. Congressman Joe Pitts talked to Solanco High School students last week about current issues such as the recession, renewable resources and voting on the U.S. automakers request for a $34 million bailout.Pitts, a Chester County Republican, visited students Dec. 2 in Jennifer Thompson's political science class and Amber Friel's public speaking class. He was asked to speak to the students by Thompson, who hosted a similar speaking engagement involving state Rep. Bryan Cutler of Peach Bottom a few weeks ago.

Pitts talked about the recession that the country has been in for the last three years and the need for a "good energy policy."

"Alternatives, renewables, efficiency and conservation are important," he said. "We need a comprehensive energy policy."

Pitts went on to tell the students that wind and solar can be added together but it produces less than 1 percent of the country's energy needs.

"We import 6,000 gallons of refined gas a week," he said.

Pitts also talked about human rights, international affairs and local issues with the students.

When asked by a senior in Friel's class if he likes his job, Pitts replied, "it's a great challenge." When he first took office, he said, "I never thought I'd be voting on the declaration of war."

The U.S. automakers request for a $3.4 million bailout is a huge issue to be voted on, Pitts told the students. He said this week the issue could be voted on.

"We will push to offer alternatives," he said of the bailout plan.

Pitts also talked about the importance of developing effective public speaking skills and how public speaking is important in government.

Before going across the hall to speak to students in the political science class about his job as a U.S. congressman and his role within the legislative branch of government, Pitts wished the students "all the best."

Friel said having Pitts speak to the students "offers them time to hear from someone who is a credible source."

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