Only in the heart of motherhood can you find that undeniably genuine special love that is totally unconditional, totally unselfish, totally with devotion and goodness.

Motherhood is the joy of making a difference in their children's lives, teaching and encouraging, so to unfold their character, allowing the change and growth to their well- being.

Sometimes these mothers are called guardian angels, except they don't have wings. Instead, we call them Mother and the wings are put on the children so they can soar.

And from the Valocchi children, their mother is an angel without wings, who has shaped their lives with her boundless and unending love. In return, the children honor their mother, Amina C. Valocchi, answering eight questions given to them on this Mothers Day tribute.

First, What makes your mother special?

Christina: Her sense of adventure.

Susan: She raised 11 children, had a full-time career and continues to have high energy even today, when she should be finally relaxing. It's amazing that one mom could have the worry, the feeling of vulnerability and lack of sleep that comes with every child 11 times over.

Jeff: The smartest, craziest lady, warmest mother there is.

Greg: Her raising our large family.

Michael: How much she cares about all of the people around her.

Stephanie: Her openness. She is so accepting of everyone

Second, What has your mother never heard you say about her?

Christina: I tell you everything.

Susan: She is the reason that I did not drop out of Notre Dame the first semester and how much I appreciate that.

Jeff: That she doesn't care, that she doesn't know everything, that if I am in a pickle she would get me out of it.

Greg: That she is quiet.

Michael: How much of an influence she has had on who I have become.

Stephanie: How much I appreciate all that she did and sacrificed while we were growing up.

Third, What is the one thing your mother does best?

Christine: Keeps positive outlook and sees the best in everything.

Susan: She can make a baby or toddler stop crying better than anyone I know.

Jeff: Love me no matter how much I mess up.

Greg: Know what a sense of family is.

Michael: Her ability to deal with so many different people and make them feel special.

Stephanie: Get things done.

Four: What is the one thing your mother does that makes you mad or laugh?

Christine: Laugh, has a great sense of humor.

Susan: Laugh, she drives a car!

Jeff: Mad, she knows when I screw up and she wants to make it better when I want to be left alone; laugh, talks her way through things like no one can.

Greg: Talking.

Michael: How she needs to be involved in everything.

Five, What is your favorite food that your mother used to cook for you?

Christina: Holiday soup and lasagna.

Susan: Gnocchi.

Jeff: Holiday soup and lasagna.

Greg: Spaghetti.

Michael: Holiday soup.

Stephanie: Her seasoned roast.

Six, What one good habit or bad habit does your mother have?

Christine: Good, she never stops; bad, she never stops.

Susan: Good and bad, she always says, "Oh be careful" about every little thing we're doing.

Jeff: Good, her sense of organization has been of great value; bad, speaking her mind.

Greg: Good and bad, over explaining.

Michael: Bad, her lack of ability to say no to anyone.

Stephanie: Ditto on Michael.

Seven, What one word describes your mother?

Christina: Perfect

Susan: Amazing

Jeff: Safe. I always feel protected.

Greg: Active

Michael: Caring

Stephanie: Energetic

Eight, What would you all like to say to your mother on this Mothers Day Tribute?

Jeff: Thanks for decades of love, support and advice. I am most proud when someone says to me, "You are your mother's son." Your hard work and your dedication to the community have opened many doors for me and importantly set the gold standard for all of our involvement in community issues. You have always made me feel safe, but at the same time made me strive beyond what I thought I could do. You are the perfect mother.

Greg: Thank you.

Michael: Thank you for always being there for us. There have been many good times shared with you throughout the years. I still remember the times that Susan and I spent with you after all of the older kids left for school. It was always nice to have you to ourselves. I was so proud of what you accomplished with hour years with Homemakers. The number of people that you touched is staggering. I also remember and appreciate all of the advice and counsel as I was making life decisions, whether it was school, career or live. I was especially amazed at how you accepted and loved Chris as she became part of my life. You made her feel such a part of the family. This meant the world to us. You have always been there for me and I will be forever grateful for that.

Stephanie: We love you for all that you are and all that you have done for us.

Christine: You are my inspiration and my role model.

Susan: for all the years of cooking, laundry, sewing, home-made Halloween costumes, driving trips, thank you. For teaching by example the value of hard work and dedication to career, thank you. For teaching by example, the value of giving back, thank you. For teaching us how to be responsible community members, thank you.

All the Valocchi children were not available to give tribute to their mother, but all of them give their love and blessing to the greatest angel of all, Mother Amina.

Amina and Ben raised 11 children, Stephanie, Cheryl, Mary Jo, Greg, Jeff, Teri (who is deceased), Ben, Kathy, Michael, Christina and Susan. They have 30 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, with one on the way.

To all mothers and the ones who are no longer with us, always cherish and love them, for we only get one.

Until next time,


Joe D'Angelo

P.S. Here are some Motherhood quotes:

* At the heart of Motherhood, you will find a mother's heart.

* Mothers are always looking at life that only a mother can teach you.

* A mother's love runs like a fine through a lifetime and every sweet, unselfish act becomes an unfolding leaf of character and goodness.

* A mother's heart is the child's schoolroom.

* A mother's love is a map for living, for making the right turns, avoiding the rough roads and arriving safely wherever you go.

* There's only one thing that can make you feel warmer and safer than a blanket, Mother!

* A mother's love is measured not in moments of time, but in timeless moments.

* Flowers have the sun and children have their mothers.

* Mother and Love: different words, same meaning; they both work miracles..

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