Region deals handily with snow

Normand, one of two reindeer at Schmidt's Tree Farm in London Britain Township stands in the snow, ready for Christmas Eve with other reindeer of the world. --Photo by Chris Barber

Local officials report that in spite of a record December snowstorm last weekend, road crews responded admirably and got traffic moving -- if not immediately -- at least by Sunday.

Regional Emergency Management Director Chuck Freese said, "For the amount of snow, it was pretty much a non-event. They seemed to get a hold of it."

He added that in recent years, townships seem to manage snow "pretty well" with their modern equipment, up-to-date predictions and help from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

London Grove Township Manager Steve Brown said his roads were cleared quickly and efficiently. They had some problem with equipment, however. A transmission blew, a plow broke and an alternator went bad. Still, the cleanup was successful.

Franklin Township Supervisors Chairman Dick Whipple said his roadmaster, Jeff Eastburn, "performed admirably," around the clock, managing to keep all the roads open for emergency vehicles throughout the storm and afterward.

"The township monitors complaints and inquiries constantly. There are always people perturbed that plows push snow in their driveways. ... but we've been out there salting the intersections especially at school bus stops." He added that the township is getting in another 22 to 23 tons of road salt this week, after having gone through almost 100 tons this past weekend.

Stroud Water Research Center scientist Denis Newbold reported that he measured 13 inches of snow in Penn Township after the storm.

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