Quarryville Elementary School's Race for Education fundraiser last Friday was a success in so many ways.Not only was it a beautiful day weather-wise, the students seemed excited about spending time outdoors running on the macadam track that winds around the grass and past the cattle barns on the Solanco Fairgrounds and Memorial Park in Quarryville.

The annual Race for Education, which raises money for the school from donations or pledges, raised more than $27,000. It is organized by members of the PTO.

"Money is still coming in," said principal Jim O'Brien. "I think it was a very, very good day."

The purpose of the one-day Race for Education is so the students don't have to do fundraisers anymore such as selling Wolfgang candy.

There were about 20 parent volunteers who helped the day of the race, said O'Brien. The chairwoman of the committee was Susie Hershey.

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