PROJECT: R.A.K.E. teenagers, under the guidance of volunteer adult leaders and through the generous donations of local businesses and individuals, will provide free labor to roughly 15 different low-income families and senior citizens in our area with free home repairs, according to a press release. Teens will sleep at the church, shower at the YMCA and contribute about 4,000 hours of community service to in-need families right in their own backyard over the course of eight days.Earlier this week, 64 junior high school teenagers worked to complete repairs on 13 different homes along the Route 1 corridor in Southern Chester County. This week, 44 senior high school teenagers will complete the projects started last week and will also complete work on some additional homes. This week's projects will include building wheelchair ramps, replacing roofs, drywall repair jobs, replacing rotted floors in mobile homes, patching plumbing leaks and a few other jobs. A resident of Oxford needs a ramp, because she is wheelchair-bound, and she cannot get in and out of her house at the moment. AWest Grove resident's leaky roof is in need of new shingles. Other crews will be traveling around Southern Chester County, assisting many families over the course of the week with free repairs to their homes.

Project: R.A.K.E. gets teens involved in the needs of families in the community to make a real difference in these families' everyday lives. They are sharing the love of Christ in tangible ways and providing teenagers with an opportunity to give back to their community. At the completion of this week, R.A.K.E. teens will have contributed nearly 50,000 hours of community service to families living in Southern Chester County and have ministered to 185 individual homeowners. Businesses wishing to contribute, youth groups wishing to volunteer and in-need families are invited to call 610-869-7332.

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