Most people are very opinionated when it comes to politics. Everyone believes that his or her opinion is the right one and will most likely argue it until the other gives in. The recent editorial in the Avon Grove Sun was written by an editor who was passionate about politics, but not in the way one would expect. The negative message was critical about politics, politicians and the election process, yet the writer still wanted a president. The exact quote was "We've heard enough nonsense, guys. Just give us a president who's going to make some positive changes for once. And stop talking about it. Do it."Talking is a good thing. Talking leads to decision making. A president doesn't just drop from the sky. The process is important. Candidates campaign as long and hard as they do to reach the public and outline their plans on how our country can be changed for the better. Everyone of voting age must vote in the next upcoming election. This presidential race is extremely important and not because of candidates' ethnicity and gender, but because we are still embroiled in war and energy costs continue to impact our everyday lives. I too would like a president that would engage our generation, but to not vote is irresponsible. The last time I checked, concerned citizens of all ages were still tuning into the news and listening to speeches and educating themselves about the candidates and issues. This is a much better solution than complaining about the current state of affairs and sitting home on Election Day.

Kaleigh Reid

West Grove

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