DEAR MR. MYERS: I am planning to list my home for sale, and the agent I hired says that I should pay for a "pre-inspection" of my property by a certified home inspector. This seems like it would be a waste of money, especially because I'm sure my future buyer will want to pay for an inspection of their own. What do you think?ANSWER: I think it would be a good idea to obtain a pre-inspection report, even though it might add another $500 or so to your marketing costs.

A small but growing number of sellers are ordering a pre-inspection of their home before putting it on the market. Such an inspection can help to identify problems that could turn off buyers, and allow you to make any needed repairs before open houses begin.

Conversely, if the inspection shows that the home is in excellent shape, copies of the report could become a valuable tool in your marketing efforts because potential buyers would know that the property has no major construction flaws - and thus might be inclined to offer more than they would for a home that did not undergo a pre-inspection.

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