When Chadds Ford Township was split into two voting districts and the polling place moved from Station Way Road to the parish life center at St. Cornelius Church, it was known that there would be another change. That change will happen, but not just yet.

Township solicitor Hugh Donaghue broached the subject of having one of the districts use the new township building as its polling place during the April 5 supervisors' meeting, but it was decided that there would be no change before 2007.

Donaghue suggested the move take place in time for this year's primary election but Kathryn Meloni, judge of elections, argued against that saying new voting machines will be used for the first time this spring and poll workers from both precincts would be better able to help one another solve potential problems if they remain in the same location.

Thought then shifted to making a change for the November election but Supervisors' Chairman Deborah Love D'Elia said that wouldn't be good because of fewer hours of daylight. She said there would be people coming to the township building on Ring Road for the first time, and if they came after work it would be dark. She argued that it was a matter of safety.

Voting was moved from the old township building following the huge turnout for the 2004 presidential election. Township officials felt there was not enough room at the old location, and agreed to have voting moved to the church property on Ridge Road.

Along with that physical move, the township was divided into two voting precincts, Northeast and Southwest. It was always planned that one would be moved to the new township building because each precinct should have its own polling place, Donaghue said.

Donaghue also said last week that there would be a need to create a third precinct once the Toll Bros. development "and other future developments" are completed.

The two current districts each have in excess of 1,000 voters -- approximately 1,600 in one and 1,200 in the other -- and Donaghue said after the meeting that is when the Department of Elections starts to look at precinct sizes. He said they definitely don't want districts exceeding 2,000 voters.

If there would be a third voting precinct, as seems likely, Donaghue said the entire township would have to be reconfigured with the two current districts eliminated and three new ones created.

@hedc:Other business

@bod:Supervisors took time to honor township residents who are World War II veterans. Fifteen vets, those the township knew about, were singled out for their sacrifice.

n Chadds Ford Township is teaming up with Concord Township to save money for their individual road programs. Supervisors opted to save money through an "economy of scale," according to Hugh Donaghue, and chose to link the programs for both townships when they get bids. The rationale is that a contractor would make more money but the charge to each township would be less.

n Roadmaster Joe Barakat announced a police and emergency service program called "ICE" which stands for "in case of emergency." Barakat said people are asked to program an emergency telephone number into their cell phones under the heading "Ice" so emergency workers will know who to call in case of emergency.

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