The Kennett Township Police Department is investigating a possible attempted child luring incident.

According to Lydell Nolt, Kennett Township police chief, the incident occurred in the 1000 block of East Baltimore Pike, between Lenape Road and Kennett Pike Kennett Township.

Nolt said that on Wednesday, Aoril 13, at 3:20 p.m., a white male approximately 35 years old, full facial beard, wearing a black shirt, sunglasses and a hat operating a black Hyundai Sonata stopped behind a school bus which was off loading children. The passenger of the vehicle, who was described as a white male approximately 20 years old, clean shaven, wearing a black shirt was reported to have yelled to the juvenile child which had exited the school bus “come here, you want some candy”. The child fled toward the residence without incident.

The vehicle was last seen traveling north east on East Baltimore Pike.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Criminal investigator Officer Wenrich at 610-388-2874 ext. 304 or

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