Several Parkesburg police officers were recognized for a job well-done in 2005 during Police Chief Brian Sheller's annual awards and recognition program. Sheller made the presentations during the borough council's monthly meeting on Monday, April 10.

Officers Edward Gomez, Robert Story, Dell Nolt, Rodney Discher, Sgt. Rick Moran, Officer Ryan Murtagh, Det. Jerry Davis, and Officer Jebiz Anderson were recognized.

"Each officer received public recognition for outstanding service," said Sheller, in an interview this week. "They received congratulations from myself and Mayor (John) Hagan and a standing ovation from the audience and council."

Sheller said the officers were recognized for meritorious service that resulted from arrests and investigations involving drug possession, drug trafficking, weapons violations, traffic enforcement, community policing and deployment of the department's Automatic External Defibrillator (AED).

When asked if there was an increase in any particular crime in 2005, Sheller said Det. Jerry Davis had "unfortunately" investigated 28 sexual assaults.

"That's a traumatic thing for an officer to be exposed to day after day," said Sheller. "It's a heinous crime... picking on children."

Sheller said traffic offenses were also up in 2005, as were drug arrests. He said as of January of this year, several members of the police department are members of the Chester County Drug Task Force.

Sheller also said non-traffic citations were up as a result of the department's crackdown on quality of life offenses.

As for community policing, Sheller said the officers continued to work out in the community to form partnerships. An example he gave was the department's continued success with the Citizen Police Academy and business contacts.

"I'm proud of their (the officers') efforts and the continued efforts of the police department," said Sheller.

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