HomeFront Christian OutreachRevelation 22:12 And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.

Happy belated New Year to all our brothers and sisters in Christ. It is so wonderful and exciting to have another year ahead of us to see all that God will allow us to do for him in His service. Another year is behind us with so many lives touched in so many ways through our ministry we could spend countless paragraphes prasing God for all that was done!

I do wish to briefly go over our Christmas outreach with you and personally thank all that answered God's calling and participated. This year through all your help and support God allowed us to touch the lives of 57 families directly, that totaled over 250 children receiving gifts and them and their families having a Christmas dinner together with us and our volunteers. We than Mt.

Vernon for allowing us the use of their facility and all the churches and people that gave so abundantly to make that evening a true Christmas offering to our Lord Jesus Christ. In addition to our evening of worship, at the last minute an additional abundance of unwrapped toys was donated that allowed us to partner with New London's Spanish ministry to help over 50 additional children receive presents from God this year not Santa. This truly was a blessed real Christmas this year. On a personal note I wish to thank all that gave directly to my family this year, our children were truly blessed and also my wife and I. For my children, my wife Mandy and myself I thank God for the friends in Christ we share.

As we look ahead at the new year many things lie ahead with many opportunities for you to be involved. We continue steadfastly in our daily ministry of reaching the lost in our community through weekly outreaches. We are open Wednesday & Thursday for food, clothing and furniture distribution and Saturday for clothing and furniture distribution but most importantly we share God's love. Bibles, tracks and Christian volunteers all are here as people come and receive physical substance. We all interact and build relationships with all who enter our doors allowing us to share with them the reason we are truly here, to share with them the love of our Savior Jesus Christ. Come volunteer hang some clothes, box some food, carry some bags to someones car, be a Christian influence in our community.

We will be launching our mobile bible schools in conjunction with our puppet truck ministry in mid May. We will be taking bible school into our community to the trailer courts and apartment complexes sharing with children bible stories taught by puppets. We will also set up tables and allow them to do a small craft tied directly to the story. If you or your church youth group would like to be a part of this summer ministry please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Ron Smith at rsmith@home-frontoutreach.org or 302-388-7552. Our ministry teams will also be conducting Spanish services at our warehouse facilities once a month beginning again in March.

We praise God for his constant hand of protection and for providing our needs. Times get tough, money gets very tight but God always through His people sees us through and we thank God for all of you and your obedience to giving to God.

We are scheduled to hold our second annual silent auction to be held April 12, please keep this in your prayers. If you have items to donate or want to be involved contact our Fundraising Coordinator Missy Buell at mbuell@homefrontoutreach.org. Finally, on a personal note please keep me in your prayers as I am slowly learning Spanish and have a great burden to do so.

Pray that God will give me an open mind to decern and understand.

Also, keep my family in your prayers as we are seeking God's provision of additional living space this year so that my wife and I can get a bedroom and get our mattress off our shed room floor as God provides. Any help you can provide would be an answer of prayer with either new building supplies or hands to help once the project starts. We need everything from concrete blocks, plywood, 2x4's, 2x10's, to siding, shingles and drywall. We do have the windows and doors that I was able to get at an auction last year. We are praying to build a 16x24 addition providing enough space. Let God lead with any help you can.

In Christ Yours, Larry Wyatt, Director

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