West Brandywine Township Police Department has hired three part-time police officers. They were sworn in at last week's meeting. Officers Christopher J. Rogaus, Christopher B. Young, and Kristin Menna became official members of the police department and are now township employees.Supervisor Carl Lindborg swore in all three officers simultaneously as each individual police officer pledged "to defend and obey the constitution of the United States, and the state and township laws and uphold the duties of police officer with fidelity."

Supervisors Carl Lindborg and Joe Obernier shook each officer's hand, congratulated them, and welcomed them into the township as employees. Supervisor Tom McCaffrey arrived after this ceremony was completed.

In other police news, the police chief and township manager are finalizing proposed changes to the township Stopping, Standing and Parking Ordinances and oversized/overweight vehicles. The oversized/over-weight vehicles are for truckers passing through the community and are violating state law.

Officer Jeff Kimes has received state training on truck inspections and truck weights. He has specialized in truck details. In the past, Kimes has stated the importance of truck maintenance and weights. Kimes stated it is a public safety hazard when trucks are not fit to be on the roadways. He continues weighing and inspecting trucks in his weekly police duties.

After the meeting, Police Chief Walt Werner said there are plans to increase fines for violating parking ordinances. Werner said it has been about 20 years since fines were increased. At this time, specific increases have not been set. They are still under review.

When asked if there were additional or continuing problems with stopping, standing or parking problems, he said there were not problems with vehicles stopping or standing in the roadway. He said there are not additional parking problems for the township. Werner said, "It is just all part of the same ordinance." Werner further explained it as all part of the same section of the state code.

The board of supervisors will soon see the finalized details of the proposed changes to the township ordinances. They will need a public discussion of those changes and an official vote before they become law.

The new police officers will soon hit the streets and learn the ropes as rookie police officers for the township. In the past, Werner has taken pride in how his seasoned officers have mentored younger officers. Expectation is these three novice police officers will take the training and grow in the job.

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