A Solanco School District parent told school board members Monday night that she wants her daughter's bus stop moved to another location because it's not safe.

Krista Dziedzic, who lives on Balance Meeting Road in Peach Bottom, said it is not safe for her daughter Rachel, a sixth-grader at Swift Middle School, to walk alone a quarter-mile from their house to the bus stop every morning. She said there are no sidewalks, it's dark in the mornings and the location at the intersection is secluded.

Dziedzic, who works as a registered nurse in Delaware, said she isn't able to wait with her daughter at the bus stop.

Another concern, said Dziedzic, is that nine registered sex offenders live within a 10-mile radius of her home and two live within 2 miles of her daughter's bus stop.

Transportation director Jason McClune said he visited the bus stop and the distance between Dziedzic's driveway and the bus stop is within Solanco's criteria. He also said the road is safe for walking conditions because there isn't much traffic. Amish children also walk to an Amish school nearby, he said.

The board discussed the matter after the meeting, but no decision was made public. McClune said it is unlikely the bus stop will be moved.

In other business, the school board:

* Recognized Swift Middle School's building secretary, Eilene Cochran, for 30 years of service. Although not retiring anytime soon, Cochran received a bouquet of flowers from the secretaries and a Solanco watch in a gift box.

Cochran said she started her career at Solanco High School 30 years ago and was there for eight years before going to Smith Middle School, which was the old Quarryville Middle School. She was there for two years and then got moved to Swift Middle School where she's been ever since.

"It's not too often we get to recognize support staff," said superintendent Jon Rednak, who referred to a study that was done that found secretaries and administrative assistants are the "key persons" in the school district.

* Recognized Solanco High School building security monitor Jack Thomas for the outstanding job he does and the good repoire he has with the students.

Thomas, who graduated from Solanco High School in 1959, grew up a foster child, therefore unable to participate in a lot of the activities his classmates did. When he started working at Solanco two-and-a-half years ago, it didn't take him long to get to know the students and form a bond with them. Soon after that, he started participating in activities along with the students. He said the job has given him a chance to do the things he wasn't able to do while in high school.

Thomas said he walks between 10 to 13 miles each day patrolling the hallways and checking students' passbooks. He wears a pedometer so he knows how far he's walked.

Solanco High School principal Gerard Rosolie said Thomas knows "every nook and cranny" of the school, which "can be a good thing sometimes."

For his service, Thomas received a certificate and a Solanco shirt.

* Watched a video and heard a report from student leaders with the Social Action Club at Solanco High School. Club leaders Wes Weaver and Billy Schaeffer talked about how the club formed last year, what they've done and their plans for the future.

The club is under the direction of psychology teacher Bryan Campbell. It's mission is to "spark social activism inside the school and get students working within the community to promote tolerance and peace among cultures, races and lifestyles."

* Approved the formation of two scholarships; one in the name of Brittany Lynne Wrigley who was killed when a drunk driver hit the van she was riding in; and the other in retired Solanco teacher Susan Mann's name. That scholarship will be for $200 and the Wrigley scholarship is for $500 each year to a student who meets the criteria set forth by Mark and Delsa Wrigley.

* Approved a Sunday building use request for Wesley United Methodist Church to sue the high school auditorium, cafeteria and small gymnasium on Easter Sunday, April 26, for a service for the hours from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

* Approved a request for the 75 Interact Club members from Solanco High School to go to Hersheypark on Friday, May 12. The advisor, Rob Althouse, will accompany the students on the trip.

* Approved a request to allow German foreign exchange student, Jan-Christoph Theil, to become a student at Solanco for the 2006-07 school year. He will be staying with the Braightmeyers.

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