The Nottingham Drive construction project is back on track after temporarily being placed on hold by the supervisors earlier this year.

One of the main concerns the supervisors had expressed was that the funding for the project would not meet the actual costs.

Since then, the Chester County Redevelopment Authority has increased the amount of its grant for the project from $290,000 to $316,000. In addition, property owner Sam McMichael wrote a $36,000 check to the township to help with the cost of the project.

"That money and the grant money bring us up pretty close to what we need to do that project," supervisors' Chairman Don Davies said.

The project involves extending Nottingham Drive to create a new intersection with Route 1. This would take some of the traffic away from Ridge Road, which meets Route 1 at an angle.

Resident Louis Kinney Jr. asked the supervisors who will benefit from the construction.

"It was originally designed to stimulate commercial development in that area of the township, which is not contiguous with the current commercial area," Davies responded. "As to who would benefit, I would have to suggest land owners who have the property around that would benefit. In terms of traffic, initially it was justified on the danger for people turning left from northbound Route 1 onto Ridge Rd. I don't know frankly how significant that is."

For McMichael, it will allow easier access to his industrial-zoned property. "I'm getting a lot of interest in the property for industrial use," McMichael said. "It will be developed in a good industrial park."

The project was started under the previous board of supervisors, who awarded the bids for the work in late December Though there are still questions as to how much the township will have to contribute to bring the project to completion, the supervisors noted that they already have invested about $90,000 in the engineering.

"We're making a decision now based on where we are," Supervisor David Ross said. "The potential cost of trying to extricate the township could be many times higher than the cost of going forward."

In other business, the supervisors have set April 1 as the annual roadside cleanup day. This is the 29th year that the township has participated in the program.

In the past, the cleanup day has also been the day for large trash drop-off at the township building. This year, instead, the trash bin day will be held April 21 and 22 because of scheduling conflicts.

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