Reports of the 2008 budget meetings on taxes for the 2008 Coatesville City Budget reported the early results of the first couple of meetings and it looked neat. There will be no tax increase for the already beleaguered citizens of Coatesville, according to an early report from City Manager Harry Walker III.However, the meeting was hindered by a lack of heat in the council chamber. It was cold! So cold, in fact, the council members did not wear their normal business-like attire.

Even Kurt Schenk, who was away on a hunting trip showed up for the meeting wearing nifty cammies. No report of whether the Rev. Kurt Schenk accidentally shot one of his fellow councilmen, a la Vice President Dick Cheney. Remember that episode down in Texas near President Bush's Crawford ranch?

A number of council complaints were heard from council members about the chilly atmosphere in the council chambers.

Well, unless the council budget comes a little better than this one does, there's going to be plenty more complaints to council as members put the heat on Walker. I mean, city finances are a catastrophe, to put it politely. Disaster might be another word.

The ballyhooed revitalization of the City of Coatesville is dead in the water. Remember that's the reason you got rid of former City Manager Jean Krack for the same non-movement of the process?

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