Residents of the Knolls of Birmingham postponed their March 6 presentation to the Birmingham Township Board of Supervisors until later this month.

Larry Eggert, a member of the Knolls of Birmingham Homeowners Association said a neighborhood committee wanted more time to meet with engineers before making any concrete suggestions for improving, what residents say, is an unsafe condition.

"We want to come up with concrete proposals, not just generalities," Eggert said.

Numerous residents attending the Feb. 22 board meeting said that there are too many drivers speeding along Knolls Road and residents want something done to get motorists to slow down.

Suggestions included stop signs, crosswalks, traffic calming devices such as speed bumps, humps or tables. One resident said he would not object to one end of the road being closed off completely.

Knolls Road connects Birmingham Road, near Sandy Hollow Heritage Park, to Old Wilmington Pike near Route 202.

Supervisors' Chairman Dave Bortner said he would keep the homeowners' concerns as an agenda item for the board until the matter is resolved.

During a discussion, the board decided to have Police Chief Thomas Nelling hand deliver letters to automobile dealers on Route 202 that Knolls Road is not to be used by customers test driving vehicles.

Residents said there have been numerous traffic incidents on the street from people using Knolls Road as a cut-through. The most recent incident occurred in January when one resident, a pedestrian, was injured after being struck by a car driven by another resident of the Knolls.

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@bod:Supervisors announced two resignations from members of two committees. Ann Sheara is resigning as secretary of the Planning Commission and the HARB effective April 30.

Scott Boorse announced his resignation as chairman of the Recreation, Parks and Open Space Committee. He will remain a member of the Planning Commission, however. His resignation was effective Feb. 15.

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