Lower Oxford Township supervisors are not sure they want to be an official member of OxREM a relatively new Oxford regional emergency management group.

Emergency management coordinators for municipalities in the Oxford area have been meeting in past months and are now organizing into OxREM. A membership fee of $200 is being requested from each township, with the idea that it will be pooled to purchase equipment that any or all of the member municipalities will be able to use.

"We're looking for a little bit of dues to keep this thing going, but everything is there to share," Upper Oxford Emergency Management Coordinator Chuck Freese told the supervisors, explaining how the system has worked well for the Avondale-West Grove region.

Township supervisor Ron Kepler is Lower Oxford's emergency management coordinator, and has been attending the meetings when he can, though he noted that their 6 p.m. start time makes it hard for him to participate.

"I have mixed feelings [about the need for the group]. If an emergency situation comes up, we will do the best we can," Kepler said at the township meeting Oct 14. Kepler wanted to leave a decision on participating in the group with the remaining two supervisors, but they disagree.

Supervisor Ken Hershey is reluctant to be involved with the regional group when the county typically steps in during emergency events. He noted that the area township already communicate with each other, and the township has it's own equipment and emergency plans. "I really don't see any necessity for it," he said.

Supervisor Ralph Cheek, on the other hand, was more receptive to the idea.

"I think there is something to be said for local communication. That has some value," he said.

Because they did not agree, the supervisors chose to table the issue with Cheek indicating that he wanted to look into the idea more.

The township has committed to the formation of a township historic commission, appointing Jay Eaton, Teri D'Ignazio and Darien White as the first three members. All three have been participating with the township's historic committee, along with six others. Two more members need to be appointed before the commission is complete.

In other business, the board gave tentative approval to a home occupation request for a day care facility at 288 Hawksworth Drive in the Wyncote subdivision. A maximum of four children will be involved in addition to the owner's two youngsters. The approval is conditioned on the home meeting all state requirements, and research that shows the use is not proscribed by the deed restrictions or homeowners' agreement of the subdivision.

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