Greetings, Kennett Square! The borough police department will have a new speed enforcement device to use in 2008. It is called ENRADD (Electronic Non-Radar Detection Device) and it will help deter speeding in the borough.Speed control has long been a part of the KSPD law enforcement efforts. Traffic details have been set up in different parts of the borough that are designed to identify those traveling in excess of posted speeds. A major challenge has been the inability of local police departments to use radar for speed detection. According to existing Pennsylvania law, only state police officers my use radar to catch speeders.

Until now, the KSPD has relied on VASCAR (Visual Average Speed Computer And Recorder) to detect speeders. With this system, two lines 1,320 feet apart are painted across the width of a roadway. The police observer uses a stopwatch to calculate the amount of time it takes a vehicle to travel from point A to point B. Accordingly, the rate of speed is determined.

The new ENRADD system will provide a more accurate speed calibration. As a vehicle travels between two electronic eyes set up on directly opposite sides of a roadway, the speed is recorded. The system is compact and easy to set up. Short of a radar gun, this method of speed detection will greatly enhance traffic detail efforts.

As you travel through the borough, please be a conscientious driver. Careless driving and speeding could result in injuries to other motorists as well as pedestrians. Do your part to ensure that Kennett Square Borough is a safe place to be.


o Leon Spencer is the mayor of Kennett Square and admissions director at Tatnall School in Delaware.

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