Residents and commuters in New Garden will soon have a cost-cutting option when it comes time to fill their gas tanks.

The Giant Food Store, located on Scarlett Road at the New Garden Shopping Center, is in the process of installing eight brand-new gas pumps, to be completed sometime in early 2010.

Giant Food Stores spokesperson Tracy Pawelski, said that while Giant maintains roughly 70 fuel stations in the greater Philadelphia area, this new location is a first for Chester County.

Along with the added convenience of gas and groceries in the same location, Pawelski said that Giant Bonus Card holders can take advantage of the gas extra rewards program.

When customers swipe their cards during checkout, for every $100 they spend they can save $.10 off per gallon of gas on their next fill up.

First initiated in February 2006, Pawelski said that the program is so popular that they've enhanced and modified it along the way to maximize the customer's rewards.

There are no limits to the number of points customers can accumulate, meaning that the savings at the pump can pile up fast.

"I've seen people drive away with a free tank of gas because they've earned so many points," Pawelski said.

A customer's total points value is available at the bottom of their receipt, Pawelski said, adding that the savings program runs in eight-week cycles.

That means that points accumulated during that time must be used within that period or they are lost.

The promotional periods run consecutively, Pawelski said, allowing for no gaps between.

"It's certainly one of the most popular programs," Pawelski said, adding that it is considered a "loyalty" program since it offers savings to Giant's bonus card shoppers.

Pawelski said that the company is excited about opening their fist fuel station in Chester County.

"It's really about the added convenience for our customers," she said.

According to New Garden Township Manager Carmen Raddi, a variance was required for the proposed pricing signs for the new pumps, which are located at the front of the parking lot along Scarlett Road.

"They wanted too many and they were too big," he said. "But that's been taken care of."

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