The Solanco Players will perform an adaptation of William Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing" at 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 21 and Saturday, Nov. 22 on the stage in the auditorium.Tickets for adults cost $6 and $4 for students. They should be available Monday, Nov. 10 by calling the high school office at 786-2151, ext. 5, and at the door.

There are 25 students in the cast, mostly upper-classman. About 50 students tried out for the play in September.

"Much Ado About Nothing" is a romantic comedy set in Messina, Sicily, about a pair of lovers, Claudio, played by senior Eric Weaver and Hero, played by senior Liesl Nafziger, who are due to be married in a week. To pass the time before their wedding day, they conspire with Don Pedro, the prince of Aragon, played by junior Tyler Hart, to trick their friends, Beatrice, played by Madeline Boomsma, and Benedick, played by junior Jared DeLong, into confessing their love for each other. The prince's brother, Don John, played by junior Jared Drennen, however jealous of both Don Pedro's power and his affection for Claudio, conspires to sabotage the coming wedding.

The play is adapted by director Jennifer Pasko so the audience can understand its meaning.

"I took out the these and thous but didn't modernize it," said Pasko, who has always wanted to have the students perform this show.

"I just really like this one," she said. "We haven't done one by Shakespeare for a long time."

Pasko said Shakespeare's plays are "kind of like the original chick flick.

"It has a happy ending," she said.

The students have been practicing four days a week after-school for the all-ages show.

Nafziger, who plays Hero, said of the play, "everything works out in the end."

"In a lot of the play there's a lot of secrets being told and listening in," she said.

Boomsma, a senior who plays Beatrice, said the cast has a lot of lines to memorize in the play and it's been difficult memorizing all of them.

"Being able to convey a meaning to an audience so they can understand has been really challenging for a lot of us," she said.

Boomsma said the costumes in the play are "awesome" and the masquerade scene is fun.

Weaver, who plays Claudio, said his character has a lot of "weird" emotions because he's a "youth in love."

"I like being my character," he said.

Even though the play is written by Shakespeare, the cast will not be speaking with English accents.

Others characters in the cast not previously listed include; Lenato, played by senior Steve Masel; Margaret, played by senior Alyssa Lapp; Ursula, played by senior Angela Shepherd; sexton, played by junior Gretchen Singles; Conrade, played by senior Luke Brahl; Borachio, played by senior Tom Shepherd; Balthasar, played by freshman Phil Lutz; Friar Francis, played by senior Zac Battiste; Dogberry, played by sophomore Nick rongione; Verges, played by senior Ethan Ballantyne; First Watch, played by senior Kate Workman; Seacde, played by freshman Francesa Boomsma; Oatcake, played by senior Samantha Glackin; messenger, played by freshman Austin Keretzmen; No. 1, played by freshman Amenda McComsey; No. 2, played by senior Rachel Farneth; and No. 3, played by sophomore Koryn Williams.

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