"This is not going to be easy. The course you have signed up for requires dedication. Most of you will fail some of these tests, but do not be discouraged. Each and every one of you is capable of receiving a decent grade in this course, but you have to work for it."Mr. Martelli's blunt words are a slap in the face for all of the "cream of the crop" students taking on the challenge of the Advanced Placement U.S. History course. As his brutally harsh lecture continues, each student sinks back in their seat, consumed with the pulsating knots twisting and forming in the pit of their stomachs. Martelli's new pupils' eyes dart from side to side as one question slipped into their minds, what did I get myself intoft

Passing an AP U.S. History course is a feat in itself, but developing the knowledge and capability to earn a four or five (out of five) on the AP exam is an arduous task. History teachers desperately spend eight months cramming their students' minds with names, dates and facts in hopes of helping them to retain enough information to get them successfully through the AP exam without feeling completely and utterly defeated. Thus, without a decent teacher, this course is incapable of properly preparing students for a four or five. Having Mr. Martelli as a teacher for the AP U.S. course is the best-case scenario when striving for a five. With his animated actions and passion for history, he is the key to most of his students' success. Seminars go from a drab Q&A session to a lively discussion surrounding the numerous facts Martelli vigorously spits out. No subject in this course goes untouched and his seemingly infinite knowledge of every aspect of history aids in expanding the minds of all of his students.

Leading up to the AP exam, Mr. Martelli spends an approximate 24 hours outside of school dedicating his time to prepping, testing and building his students' U.S. history knowledge. He bombards students with the plethora of facts required to prove themselves as true masters of U.S. history. Such actions display Martelli's devotion to teaching and assuring his students' success, proving that he deserves recognition for being an inspirational teacher.

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